Choosing the hardware finish that’s right for you

Whether your kitchen makeover consists of ripping everything out and starting from scratch or freshening things up with a few tweaks, one of the trickiest decisions can be the hardware.

Should you go with brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze? Chrome or the stainless steel? What about classics like black or white? Let’s not even get started on the range of different glass finishes. How did something as simple as opening a cupboard or drawer become so complicated?

Luckily, your friends at TIMBER MART have broken things down into Hardware 101. Here are some general hardware categories that can help you get started ...

  • Hardware that suits a period home: If you’re renovating an older home and you want to maintain a style that’s true to the period, you want to avoid modern finishes and stick with the classics: porcelain, wood or oil-rubbed bronze. Many new knobs and pulls are created to suit the style of older homes, so you’ll be able to get something new without sacrificing authenticity.
    period piece
  • Hardware that makes a statement: While the hardware is understated in many homes - almost part of the background - some homeowners like to surprise their guests with a gutsy choice. Colourful knobs from tinted or frosted glass, sea glass and patterned porcelain are sure to attract attention.

  • Hardware that combines form and function: Did you know you can buy pulls and knobs made with an antimicrobial finish that actually inhibit the buildup and growth of harmful bacteria between cleanings. It’s just as magical as it sounds - a continuous antibacterial action that never wears or washes away.

  • Hardware that stands up to sticky fingers: If you have little ones in the house, you’ll want to choose finishes that can take a beating and still look great. Brushed finishes, like brushed nickel and brushed oil-rubbed bronze, give off a subtle shine but don’t streak as easily as stainless steel.

  • Hardware that adds warmth: If you find chrome and stainless steel too chilly or industrial for your tastes, consider a cozier bronze, rust, or rose tone for your hardware. You’ll get the aesthetic and function of metal but also the warmth of a snug older kitchen.

Happy shopping!

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